Eco-friendly non-woven wallpaper from House of Fetch is printed and cut to size. The wallpaper is printed on PVC-free, FSC-certified fleece wallpaper which is why our wallpaper does not have unpleasant smells like vinyl wallpaper. FSC certification means that the company that produces the non-woven wallpaper manages its forests in a sustainable way. The wallpaper is biodegradable.

Our non-woven wallpaper meets the European standard (EN 13501-1: 2007) for fire safety and the new standards for VOC emissions. VOC is the collective name for substances present in our environment that evaporate easily. These substances have always been around, but recently a standard has been set for them in the context of environmentally friendly construction. Our non-woven wallpaper has the best emission label A +.

The right size

When requesting a custom offer, we recommend to add a margin of 3-5 cm to your width and height so you are sure you have enough wallpaper to cover your wall fully. Also in newly built houses measurements are rarely exact. 

Made to Measure offers

Not exactly the right size? We can customise any design to fit your wall perfectly free of charge. Just fill out the Custom Request form to receive the perfect fitting offer. 

Your own artwork

If you have a custom request for making a print, please contact us via hello@houseoffetch.com - don't forget to attach your wallpaper or mural idea!

Wallpaper roll size 

Your wallpaper will arrive in multiple rolls. The minimum width of one roll is 55 cm and the maximum width of one roll is 80 cm. The width per roll is determined by the width of the total piece. We will always produce the best solution to minimise the amount of strips on your walls. 

The standard height of our wallpaper is 260 cm. However, we can print any size for you. If your walls are lower or higher, fill out the Custom Request form to receive a fitting offer. 

Recommended glue

We advise Perfax Ready & Roll for Non-Woven Wallpaper to install your wallpaper.

How to apply wallpaper

Rule number 1: You put wallpaper glue on the wall, not the wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper is very easy to apply. All walls must be ready for wallpaper. You lubricate the wall with non-woven wallpaper glue and then press the wallpaper strips against the wall. The following is included in the House of Fetch packaging:

  • Roll (s) of photo wallpaper, numbered;
  • User manual for applying photo wallpaper with tips.

Important: before applying the wallpaper we recommend that you let the photo wallpaper acclimatise for 24 hours in the room where the wallpaper is to be applied. This is to prevent shrinkage. The best temperature for wallpapering is between 18 and 25 ºC and a humidity of about 40% - 65%. The surface of a wall must be clean, dry and ready for wallpaper.

A perfect fit

The wallpaper strips fit together perfectly. There is no ending between the strips so they can be put against each other perfectly. Thanks to the adhesive layer and the strength of the material, the strips are easy to glue and slide against each other. We only print on non-woven wallpaper. The advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that it does not shrink and you do not see any seams after wallpapering.

We look at the width of the wall and adjust the width of the strips accordingly. By applying this method, all strips are almost equal in width and you do not have to deal with a small strip at the beginning or the end of the wall. By customizing the tracks, as little material as possible is wasted, resulting in a more favorable price. Depending on the width of the wall, you will receive equal strips of 55 to 80 cm wide. We can also deliver 150 cm wide strips, but this is more difficult to glue. Additional transport costs are also added as we have to send a longer package for this. Wide strips are difficult to apply. If desired, you can indicate this during the ordering process by sending a message to hello@houseoffetch and mentioning your order number.


Not all surfaces are suitable for wallpaper. For example, the surface must be 100% flat and a freshly plastered wall must dry for at least 8 weeks before you can apply wallpaper. We do not recommend applying the wallpaper in a damp room such as a bathroom.

Manufacturing and delivery 

When ordering from The Netherlands, it takes 2-5 business days to print, cut and ship your wallpaper. It will be shipped with Post NL. Check the wallpaper for printing errors and damage within 24 hours after delivery.


Because all wallpaper orders at House of Fetch are custom made, the wallpaper cannot be returned unless there is an obvious manufacturing mistake and this is communicated on the same day as the delivery.

Wallpaper defects

Of course we hope this never happens, but if you encounter a defect in the wallpaper caused by a production error, please take photos when unpacking then defects in the wallpaper as soon as possible and no more than 1 day/ 24 hours after delivery by contacting our customer service at hello@houseoffetch.com.

Received a damaged package?

Of course we hope that this never happens, but if so, open the package in the presence of the postman. If the wallpaper is also damaged, fill in the complaint form immediately with the delivery person. If you are not able to arrange it directly with the mail deliverer, make sure to take pictures of the closed package as soon as you open it. This way we can ensure that the complaint is processed.

Suitable for education and care environment 

The GREENGUARD-certification is a standard designed to classify low emission materials. Our inks are suitable for environments where people, especially children and sensitive adults, spend long periods of time, such as in homes, healthcare facilities, schools and day care centers.