The high quality wallpapers of House of Fetch will enrich your favourite spaces by transforming them into a reflection of character, style, and emotion. 

We love to search, source, develop and offer designs that are classic and on-trend that have a competitive edge over other suppliers through better features in design, product quality and price. We do this by:

Offering statement basics 

We spot or create what designs you are looking for, yet aren’t as widely available as you’d like. We partner with designers to create a unique collection offering classic and on trend designs.

Not keeping any stock

All our wallpapers are custom made to fit your walls perfectly. This is better for the environment as we do not produce any waste. Because we work on an order base, we are open to printing specific designs outside of our collection as well. 

Being nice to your wallet

Great looking products that create the feeling of a rich personal interior, for a great price. We are not the most expensive nor are we the cheapest. House of Fetch offers you the highest quality for the fairest price.

Staying practical

Our roots are Dutch and so is our business spirit. We like to keep it simple and real. Good products, good prices. No arrogance, no fluff.

If you have any questions of would like to get in touch. Drop us a message